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Luss makes learning how to control your own digital marketing easy and affordable. Our focus is to help small business owners master all the digital tools available to grow strong, healthy, profitable businesses. Whether you want to D.I.Y it, or outsource, Luss gives you the confidence to move onto your next step.

Why I Want To Help Small Business Owners Learn Basic Digital Skills

When I first started out helping small businesses with their strategy and marketing, I was shocked at the number of SEO and digital marketing companies who took advantage of their customers lack of knowledge. I wasn’t just shocked, it made my blood boil.

Huge waves of anger!

The small business owners I was meeting with had no idea what they were paying for, let alone how to track the performance.

I slowly started showing my clients (and friends, strangers, anyone who would listen) some of the tools and systems they could put in place to track the performance of their websites.

Then I started on my own path to learning everything I could about S.E.O., Google Analytics & Search Console, great user experiences (UX Design) and how to build quick and easy websites with the ability to turn browsers into buyers.

I would say I’ve booked my tickets, packed my bags, boarded my flight and now I’m in a new destination of digital marketing. I want to help small business owners start searching for their ideal marketing destination, book those tickets and take off on an adventure into increased traffic, more leads and high rates of conversion.

A Bit About Me

Gillian Corker

Gillian Corker

Founder & Geek-In-Motion

I’m a glasses-geek, a random trivia-geek and quite often, I’m a bit of a plane-geek. Essentially, I’m a knowledge-geek.

I started Luss because I can’t stand the thought of people getting ripped off.  My proudest professional achievements have always come when I’ve worked for companies who value their customers.

After realizing Journalism wasn’t the career for me (when I worked out my articles where there to stop the ads clashing together) I worked in the optical industry in Scotland both as a sales manager and buyer, then as an Account Manager for luxury eyewear brands like Versace and Bvlgari. Not going to lie, I loved it!

When I moved back to Australia and had my son, my priorities changed. I wanted to be my own boss and control my own work/life balance. When I achieve it, I’ll let you all know!

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My Values

The key to a good business relationship is sharing similar values. Understanding and trust go a long way when dealing one-on-one with any service provider.


Learning a new skill can be a daunting task.

Being able to talk openly and being comfortable are important to get the best results from any training partnership.


Trying to D.E.Y. – Do Everything Yourself – is tough!

When you’re paying someone to help you, you need to know the support is there for you, not just the knowledge.

I am dedicated to supporting my clients through one-on-one consultations, email, video calls and on occasion, the good old fashioned telephone.


Being able to help someone learn is one of the most rewarding things you can do in business, as well as life.

Breaking down something seemingly complex and seeing people enjoy learning is a huge reward

How I Can Help You

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