How To Link To Your Google Reviews Made Easy [Video]
July 05, 2019

How To Make It Easy For Customers To Give You A Review On Google

What’s one of the first thing you do when you’re find a listing for a new restaurant or service on Google? You look at the reviews, right?

And if you don’t see any reviews it kinda sets your spidey-senses tingling. What are they trying to hide? Don’t their customers like them? 

Getting reviews for your business on your Google My Business listing might seem a bit daunting – we’ve all heard the horror stories – but the benefits of reviews far outweigh any potential risks.

Reviews on Google are a trust signal. They tell your potential customers you’re a legit business, you have experience and people like you. Even negative reviews, handled positively, can be good for your business. We’ve all spotted the one crazy review on a profile and had a bit of a chuckle. Some businesses even use a negative review to their advantage – check out this hilarious billboard below!

google reviews

Asking For A Review Isn’t Enough – Send Them A Link


If you feel a bit pushy asking for a review, I’m sorry to say small business probably isn’t for you. Blunt, but true. 

But asking for the review isn’t enough – you need to make it easy.

Sending a link to your Google reviews is the easiest way you can ensure people will actually do what you’re asking them to do.

We are all time poor, so make it easy for your customers to gush about how totally amazing, brilliant and talented you are and what a difference you’ve made to their lives. 


Watch the video below to find out where you can get the shortcode (and easy to cut and paste link) to send out to your customers when you’re asking for a review.


If you don’t ask – you don’t get. The same goes for Google reviews

The easiest way to get a review on Google from a happy customer is to ask for it. 

But to ensure you get the review, make it easy. Send them a link and you’ll increase your uptake ten-fold.


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