1:1 SEO Strategy & Training Sessions

Learn SEO With A Personalised Coaching Session


Learning a new skill can be daunting, especially if you’re trying to figure it all out by yourself. And who’s got time for that, anyway?

So if you’re guilty of signing up for courses and never completing them (erm, me too) then learning with a personal coach is a great solution. Someone who can help you identify what your business needs and how to get results.


Think of me like a personal trainer, except I will never make you do a burpee.

We all get better results when we have someone to guide and support us. That’s why each session is hands on and you do-as-you-learn.

Each session is 90-minutes and we work through what your business needs to succeed. Some of the things we cover in the sessions include:

  • Business Goals & Strategy
  • Website & SEO Audit
  • Technical SEO Training
  • Copywriting & Brand Voice
  • How To Write SEO friendly Content


A 90-minute session is $200 and is great value for money. The average cost of SEO management is between $750 – $1000 per month so learning how to do-it-yourself is important for most small business owners.

If you do decide to outsource your SEO as you grow, you have a strong understanding of how it works. This can help you avoid being ‘ripped-off’ by a growing number of dodgy SEO agencies in the market.



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Gillian Corker

Gillian Corker

Cheif SEO Geek & Trainer

I love helping small business’ learn to manage their own SEO.

When I first started consulting I was shocked by how many of my clients had been ripped off by dodgy SEO’s. So I made it my mission to help people understand the basics of search engine optimisation.

Helping Small Businesses In Perth & Beyond Learn SEO

I love living and working in Perth! We have the best beaches, great coffee and the Freo Doctor! Of course, due to the magical wonders of technology, I help clients all over Australia. 

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